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  • Why Choose Theracore?

    Why Choose Theracore?


    Theracore develops a collaborative relationship with their clients in the provision of consultation and management services. They are dedicated to empower skilled nursing facility providers by providing the knowledge necessary to achieve and maintain strong clinical and financial outcomes. They combine clinical and operational expertise with proven management techniques, superior training and mentoring programs which ensure that facilities attain their clinical and financial objectives and achieve regulatory compliance.

    Upon its inception Theracore specialized in the on-site management of SNF therapy departments. Through numerous partnerships with leaders and experts in the long term care industry, Theracore expanded its operations to include the provision of a wide variety of management and consulting services. Now with the proliferation of Medicare Audits, Theracore specializes in the Medicare Denials and Appeals Management process. Theracore’s success with Medicare Appeal letters has resulted in an unparalleled percentage, (85%) of favorable decisions at the first level, (redetermination) of the Medicare Appeals Process.

    • Theracore is dedicated to ensuring that all therapy services are delivered in a completely ethical manner. Maintaining the integrity of Medicare program is of the highest priority.
    • Theracore ensures the complete integration of therapy operations and builds strong accountability to the facility.
    • Theracore provides the resources and daily oversight needed for delivery of comprehensive therapy programming in a manner that achieves excellent clinical and financial outcomes and optimal regulatory compliance
    • Theracore is directly with the therapy managers and staff and provides appropriate training and management for optimal and consistent performance.
    • Theracore collaborates with the facility to determine realistic budgetary expectations and then implements and monitors actions that enhance department performance to ensure that revenues are maximized, expenses are controlled and that the facility realizes a maximization of its net operating income.
    • Theracore’s service offerings are affordable and highly competitive. Facilities that have partnered with Theracore have been extremely satisfied with their return on investment; substantial improvements in their financial and clinical outcomes and improved regulatory compliance.