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  • Therapy Management

    Therapy Management

    A New Approach to Therapy Service Delivery in Skilled Nursing Facilities

    Theracore Management Group, LLC has developed a new way to provide therapy services in long term care, skilled nursing facilities and hospital sub-acute units. Our approach combines the clear advantages of an in-house program with the resources often provided by a contract company. Simply put, we’ve taken the best of both worlds and created a new delivery model. A delivery model that maintains integrity and provides therapy services is an ethical manner.

    While contract companies provide a convenient way to staff therapy departments because they are responsible for recruitment, training, retention and all the costs of labor, the staff is rarely fully integrated into the facility. The staff’s primary loyalty is to their employer, the contract company, and often, staff is not permanently assigned to one facility. Additionally, contracted therapy comes at a considerable cost to the facility; a cost that far exceeds the expenses that would be incurred if the facility employed the therapy staff directly.

    The Theracore model supports the more cost effective in house approach to therapy service delivery but also provides comprehensive on site management of your therapy department. This model affords numerous benefits to the facility.

    Theracore offers vast expertise in long term care and a variety of practical and affordable management and consulting options to ensure that skilled nursing facilities optimize their financial and clinical outcomes and achieve regulatory compliance. Theracore can design and implement policies, procedures, processes and clinical programming that is specifically designed to meet a facility's needs. Our mission is to position skilled nursing facilities and hospital sub-acute units for success through onsite management of therapy services and by imparting practical knowledge, providing guidance and the resources necessary to compete and thrive in long term care. From patient admission through discharge Theracore works with therapy and members of the interdisciplinary team to ensure that services are provided in a completely ethical manner and that there are efficient and effective processes that drive optimal quality of care, regulatory and Medicare compliance and financial performance.