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  • Therapy Management

    Therapy Services Management and PDPM

    Under the new Patient Driven Payment Model,(PDPM), it has become increasingly important to ensure the proper utilization of therapy services. For the first time in the history of Medicare reimbursement, overutilization of therapy has become a financial liability to skilled nursing providers. It was thought that CMS had finally found a way to ensure that SNF reimbursement for patient care cannot be exploited by contract therapy companies. However, contract therapy companies have found new ways to increase their profit margins. Contract companies have now resorted to hiring less expensive therapy assistants to replace therapists in SNFs and have significantly increased group and concurrent treatment in lieu of higher quality individualized patient treatment. Sadly, in the end, Under PDPM, contracted therapy will significantly increase their profitability at the expense of the quality of SNF resident care.

    This is why now more than ever, the provision of therapy services under the hybrid model offered by Theracore Management Group, LLC is the only way to ensure optimal clinical outcomes for SNF residents while ensuring the cost effectiveness of therapy services and income enhancement for SNF providers. Our approach combines the clear advantages of an in-house program with the resources and oversight needed to ensure optimal clinical and financial outcomes. Simply put, we’ve created a delivery model that maintains integrity and provides therapy services is an ethical manner while optimizing cost effectiveness and revenue enhancement.

    Theracore extensively supports the more cost effective in-house approach to therapy service delivery and ensures provision of comprehensive on-site management of therapy services for ALL of the residents living in a long term care environment not just the skilled short stay resident admission. This means that wherever the resident is; on campus or in the continuum of care, Theracore ensures that therapy services are delivered in a timely and holistic manner to all who are at risk for decline or in active decline.

    With Theracore you can ensure that all residents, regardless of where they live, receive the full spectrum of therapy services required to allow them to age in place for as long as is possible. Timely identification of therapy needs is critical to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and/or readmission to other skilled nursing facilities. Additionally, providing outpatient programming wherever the physical plant is favorable will better integrate your organization with the community and facilitate client self-referrals when the need arises for a more supervised and clinical environment. With the proper strategic management that Theracore offers you can become the provider of choice for all types of therapy services in the community that you serve.

    Our mission is to position long term care providers for success through onsite management of therapy services and by imparting practical knowledge, providing guidance and the resources necessary to compete and thrive in this industry. From patient admission through discharge Theracore works with therapy and members of the interdisciplinary team to ensure that services are provided in a completely ethical manner and that there are efficient and effective processes that drive optimal quality of care, regulatory and Medicare compliance and financial performance.