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    In this era of ever-changing regulatory and reimbursement environment, Theracore’s management of therapy services is a critical necessity not only to ensure our facility is compliant with the best standards of practice but also, even more importantly, to ensure that each resident receives truly exemplary care. As a collaborative business partner, Theracore provides support, training and audit functions to facility therapy staff in a manner that all the members of the interdisciplinary team benefit from coordinated rehabilitative expertise. Additionally, Theracore’s business acumen ensures compliance to Medicare guidelines, maximizes available reimbursement appropriately, and reduces facility’s exposure to ADRs and denials. Leadership with integrity, understanding mission, and implementing best practice defines Theracore Management Services.

    Lynn Vogt, Administrator
    St. Anne's Salvatorian Campus
    Milwaukee, WI

    I've had the pleasure of working with Theracore since its inception, most recently in a CCRC environment where I assumed the position of CEO post a difficult transition on the part of the prior CEO. Upon arrival, it was apparent that my role would entail a complete turn-around, particularly in the delivery of care services and reimbursement. The organization was on the verge of significant compliance problems from a Medicare billing and care delivery perspective.

    I initially engaged Theracore to conduct a billing and clinical compliance audit, looking specifically at our contracted therapy company at the time as well as the reimbursement and care delivery systems globally. Suffice to say, the Theracore review prompted the beginning of systemic changes that were made. Briefly, with Theracore's help, we identified and remedied the following.

    1. Revamped our Medicare A billing processes to code and capture correctly, care levels and ultimately, appropriate rate.
    2. Revamped our Medicare B billing processes.
    3. Restructured and brought in-house, our therapy services.
    4. Established best practices in resident care areas such as falls, dysphagia, and care coordination (discharge planning, etc.)

    The net result is that within a little more than one year, our Medicare A and B utilization and revenue grew four to five fold and Part A per diem went from $340 a day to $425 per day. Our falls went from an average of 50 per month to less than 10 per month. Moreover, on our most recent annual licensure and compliance survey, we went from 14 citations including 3 G level violations to ZERO. Our resident and family satisfaction is stellar and our core competencies for our clinical staff, stronger than ever in the organization's history.

    I've been in the post-acute, seniors housing and healthcare industry for nearly 30 years. I've thus encountered literally dozens of consultants that claim all levels of ability to improve operating results. There is a reason why I routinely use and refer Theracore. The results are real, the care comes first and the service and commitment to excellence never waivers.

    Reginald M. Hislop, III Ph.D.
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Larksfield Place Retirement Communities, Inc.