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    “Maximizing Clinical Care and Reimbursement with Integrity”

    While we have a very comprehensive and practical understanding of the reimbursement complexities of skilled nursing, sub-acute and the long term care industry, we never lose track of the facility resident who is at the core of everything we do.

    When a facility provides the highest quality of care they not only achieve regulatory compliance but also optimize financial outcomes. We ensure that the facility:

    • Is reimbursed for the care they provide.
    • Provides care that is reasonable and medically necessary
    • Documents the care they provide according to Medicare and other payor requirements.

    Theracore is able to accomplish these goals because of a level of knowledge and expertise that extends beyond therapy services and encompasses the operations of the skilled nursing environment; its processes, communication and procedures.

    It is within this broader context that we are able to implement effective and efficient systems that address the care needs of the resident and ultimately enhance the clinical and financial health of the facility as a whole.